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International Multi-Disciplinary Conference (IMDC) aims to provide a professional platform with a comprehensive approach to provide the best possible set of international key performance indicators and new innovative models and services which can improve the human lifestyle. Our organization offers a platform where research efforts from different disciplines can be integrated and researchers can have a stage where the different fields of scientific research can interact and interleave as the current state of science and technology demands.

The conference covers the rise of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence-powered applications, Cognitive Communications, Green Energy, Adaptive Control, and Mobile Robotics towards maintaining the Sustainable Development and Smart Planning and Management of future technologies. Besides, the rise of digital health, well-being, home care, and patient-centered technologies can support the development of a system for smart Dynamic Health Systems and self-management.

IMDC is growing to be a key and premier international scientific event reflecting our short and long-term objectives and plans to provide an excellent opportunity for your work to receive that global exposure considering the multi-dimensionality of the conference.
IMDC team works tirelessly to provide a fair, professional, and easy to use platform for researchers to publish their papers and to witness their hard work pay off and come to fruition.

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