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Paper Submission

You can submit papers by clicking the link below and following the given instructions.

If you encounter problems with uploading your paper, you can contact us at

In case you encounter a message om EDAS stating: wrong paper status, please contact EDAS using this link.

When uploading your paper through EDAS, please be sure to follow the following instructions:

  • List the names of all paper authors not just the name of the first author or the individual uploading the paper.

  • Add the names of the authors in the order that is given in your paper.

  • Do not use any titles, e.g. Mr., Mrs., Dr., Prof., etc. when listing the author names in your paper or on EDAS.

  • Do not use mobile phones/tablets to register and upload your paper as this may cause technical errors.

  • The conference now accepts papers with up to 15 pages.

If you do not have an EDAS account, you can follow the instructions given here to create one. Also, you can watch the short video provided below to walk you through the main steps.

If you need help with uploading your paper to EDAS or encounter error messages, you can watch the video provided below.

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